Managing Computer Updates So You Don’t Have To

Test & Verify

Pending updates are tested on multiple Paladin systems to ensure the performance and stability of your computers.

Security Updates

Windows® updates protect computers from attacks designed to steal your data, hijack or damage your computer.


PCI Compliance

Installing the latest security patches to keep your computer software updated and secure is required as part of PCI compliance.

Microsoft Windows Updates

Keeping computers up to date is not only a good business practice, it’s also part of maintaining PCI compliance. Paladin Managed Updates tests and verifies pending Microsoft Windows updates before installation, so you only get updates that enhance security and keep your computers running smoothly. This prevents distracting update popup messages from slowing down business operations. Verified updates are downloaded and installed after business hours so your computers and your network can keep working at their peak during the business day. 

Core Applications

Computers have a host of programs that run behind the scenes to process and present information to you. These applications are frequently updated by their developers to keep your computers and network safe and secure. Paladin technicians verify and install these updates to keep your system safe. 

acrobat chrome firefox java
flash skype opera compressor
shockwave safari quicktime itunes

After Your Day Ends, Managed Updates Goes to Work!

Late Night Downloads

We keep updates out of your way by downloading and installing them to your computers after your business closes.

Automatic Restart

Restarts required to complete the installation process will also take place after hours when it’s least likely to impact your business.


Update Verification

To ensure updates are safe for your computers, Paladin technicians will first apply them to multiple internal test systems. You will only get updates that work.

Update Blocking

Any update that can’t be verified safe for your system will be blocked and prevented from installing itself on your computer.

Steer Clear of Update Hassles

Once you sign up for Managed Updates, our technicians will:

Initial security inspection

Suppress most update notifications

Uncover and patch known vulnerabilities

Continually monitor update status

Testing and installation of all future updates

Maintain detailed records of applied updates

Get started with Managed Updates™ Today!

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