How to create a pricing plan with subclasses

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You can create a pricing plan by subclass by defining a range of one or more subclasses. This flexibility lets you control pricing on smaller, and more specific, groups of items in your store. Open Paladin Point of Sale. On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Pricing Plan tab. […]

Pricing plan subclasses

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Pricing plans by subclass are created by defining a range of one or more subclasses, in in the Paladin Configuration window, on the Pricing Plan tab. To specify the subclass range, enter start and end values in the Subclass Number Range Start and Subclass Number Range End boxes when you create a new pricing plan. […]

How to block EDI class and subclass control

EDI, Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

To block incoming Class and Subclass data from EDI suppliers: In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Supplier tab. Check EDI Supplier Services. Under Update Classes, select No.  Click Save, and then click Close. Note: The default value for this switch is “Yes” to continue the default action that has […]