New Features

When will I have these features or updates?

You will have the feature or update when your Paladin POS version number is greater than or equal to the build number on the notice. You can always check your Paladin POS version number using the steps outlined below. You can also monitor the current Beta and General release numbers in the Weekly Paladin Development Update email.

When can I use these features?

You can use a feature when your Paladin Point of Sale version number is larger than or the same as the build number in the feature announcement. To find your Paladin Point of Sale version number, click How do I find the Paladin Point of Sale version I am using? How do I find the version of Paladin Point of Sale that I am using?Check Version

  1. Open Paladin POS.
  2. On the Help menu, click About.
  3. When the About Paladin POS window appears, look for the Version number.
  4. If the third number in the series of four numbers that make up the Version number (###.###.####.###) is greater than the Build number in this notice, this feature or update is available to you.

Example: If the build number on the notice is 9045 and your version number is 1.905.9884.2, you have the feature or update because 9884 is greater than 9045.

IMPORTANT: New Features are usually announced before they are available in Paladin Point of Sale.

 Hover for more info. The public release can take up to several weeks due to testing and verification. The Build date in the feature notice identifies a software build and does not reflect when this update or feature is available in your store.

Issue with check privileges setting is corrected

Build: 2_963 Build date: 2-Nov-17 Case 97470 We’ve corrected an issue that occasionally occurred when check privileges were limited charge customers. This feature can be set up in Paladin Configuration. To learn more about this feature and how to use it, see Prevent...

Changes to pharmacy invoice notes

Build: 2_884 Build date: 21-Sep-17 Case 93277 The following updates were made to pharmacy receipt notes. Changes for pharmacy stores that use a Paladin Point of Sale pharmacy integration: You can customize the invoice note that appears when you offer a pharmacist...

Orgill EDI processing Cost Credit invoice issue corrected

Build: 2_937 Build date:  17-Oct-17 Case 85089 After an Orgill EDI Cost Credit invoice is processed, in the EDI report, Ship Qty values will be set to zero (0), and Order Qty values will match the value in the invoice file. A zero Ship Qty value ensures that stock on...

Important Ace EJD EDI Enhancements

Build: 2_958 Build date: 27-Oct-17 To address evolving security needs, Paladin Point of Sale is upgrading the Ace Emery Jensen Distribution (EJD) EDI system and introducing two new features: You can set the update retail price methods for invoice and...