Multi-Tiered Network Protection & Performance Optimization

Remove technology woes with comprehensive business network security and management.

Increase Up-time

Keep your business online when internet connections fail.

Safeguard Operations

Take control of network usage, content and traffic.

Improve Security

Protect your network from unauthorized intrusion and malicious attacks.

Optimize Speed

Increase operating speed by blocking bandwidth-robbing traffic.

Real-time Network Protection

24/7 network monitoring

Multi-tiered network security

Minimize data disasters and cyberattacks

Enhance network performance

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Why Paladin’s Managed Network™?

Network Specialists monitor and protect your network so you don't have to.


Identify and resolve small issues before they become business disasters.


Thorough performance and security reports are provided to give you peace of mind.

One number to call if you need help.

Cisco Select Partner and Linksys Partner Advantage certified.

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What is a Network, and Why Does it Need to Be Secure?

Most computers are protected by antivirus, but what protects the network connection between your devices? A majority of cyber-attacks target networks, which are often left vulnerable. Managed Network™ protects you from intruders, optimizes performance and ensures your store stays online and open.

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