Before going through the steps below, go to B24C_Data (H:) > Squads > Zebra ZQ610 and save the following files to your desktop: 

  • zsu-1191290.exe

This document provides the following sections:

Running the Zebra Setup Utility

To set up the Zebra ZQ610 on a clients terminal:

  1. Open and run zsu-1191290.exe

The InstallAware Wizard will load on to the terminal.

2. In the Zebra Setup Utilities Welcome window, click Next.

3. Accept the License Agreement.

4. In the Destination Folder window, accept the default location and click Next.

5. In the Select Program Folder window, accept the defaults and click Next.

6. In the Completing the InstallAware Wizard window, click Next.

7. In the Important Information window, check I have read the information above, and click Next.

8. In the Completing the Wizard window, check Run Zebra Setup Utilities now, and then click Finish.

9. In the Preloading Drivers window, click Next.

The Preinstall Driver Package will load.

10. In the Printer Driver window, select USB (Universal Serial Bus).

11. In the Install Printer Driver window, click Finish.

12. Go to B24C_Data (H:) > Squads > Zebra ZQ610 > Fonts and copy the following files and paste them to the client’s desktop:


13. Open Zebra Utilities, select Open Printer Tools and go to Settings.
14. In the Properties window, under Send file, click the ellipses, browse, find, and select BLUETOOTH.ZPL. Click Send.
15. Under Store file to printer, click the ellipses, browse, find, and select one of the .CSF files (in any order). Click Send.
16. Repeat step 15 for the remaining two .CSF files. Note: It takes around 5 seconds to grab the settings, so wait between each file.

17. Click OK to close the Properties window.
18. Click this link Command code and copy the code (Ctrl A to select all. Ctrl C to copy).
19. Open Zebra Utilities, select Open Communication With Printer, and paste in the code (Ctrl V to paste).

19. Click Send to Printer. Note: The unit should restart, if it doesn’t within 5 seconds, click Send to Printer again.
20. Close the Zebra Setup Utility.

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Pairing the RF Unit

  1.  On the RF Unit, select 2 – SETUP.

The RF Unit will search for the Bluetooth device that you named in the set up above.
      3. Select ZebraZQ610 from the list.

The RF Unit will pair with the printer.

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Configuring Zebra ZQ610 printer in Paladin

  1. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  2. Select the Network tab.
  3. In the Network pane, select ZQ610 from the RF Attached Printer 1 list.
  4. Click Save, and then click Close.

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Printed on: 5/18/22