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Best Practices: Supplier Returns

Occasionally you need to return products to your supplier. Defective items, damaged, over-shipments. It happens. It doesn’t sound that difficult on the surface, but keeping your inventory accurate in the midst of all this chaos can be difficult.  This week our...

The many uses for reference margin

You think you understand reference margins? Did you know reference margins can be used to perform three separate functions essential to maintaining proper pricing control? If you’re not a fan of skewed margins, attend this webinar to learn how to get them back where...

The Layaway Renaissance

Over time, your inventory data can grow and become bloated with items that you no longer carry. These obsolete items create clutter when you produce reports or search your inventory. The solution is to get rid of the clutter. But taking the time to comb through...

Remember to Upsell Your Clientele

Customers always need something more than what they came in for, right? Of course, they do! Paladin Point of Sale can remind cashiers and salespeople to recommend those essential add-on items the customer forgot to grab on their way to the register. Our presenter will...

The Min/Display Mystery

The Min/Display field is the most misunderstood setting in Paladin Point of Sale. Our presenter will show you how this field can help you keep plenty of “project items” (PVC fittings, switchplate & outlet covers, etc.) on hand for your contractors even though the...

Your Register Balance — The Daily Reckoning!

The end of another prosperous day. How did you do? Just looking at the raw sales numbers feels pretty good. Ah, but the true test will be to find out how well your cash, check, and credit card amounts match with the numbers point of sale has calculated. Discrepancies...

Keep your inventory classy

Just below the surface, there are many reports just waiting to be run in Paladin. One of our favorites is the All-Items Report. In this week’s webinar, our presenter will show you how and, more importantly, why you will want to use this report along with many...

A 400% Increase in Sales Now that’s Kentucky Magic

When Jeff Harper purchased Farmers Hardware in Russellville, Kentucky, the store’s best year was $400K. In his first twelve months as owner, Jeff was able to increase sales by over 400%! How did he do it? Listen in on a live interview with Jeff as he recounts the...
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