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These tags can be used to insert internal-only content in public articles. You will need to be in text view to see the link structure.

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Bookmark links

Bookmark links are links within a document. For example, you can show TOC of topics in a KBA at the top and then link each TOC item to the topic further down in the article. 

First, in the Text pane in WordPress, add the id attribute to create bookmarks at the desired locations in the article, such as procedure titles. The id value can be anything–they are just labels. For example, these will all work: procedure1, 1.5, Procedure 1

<h2 id=”1″>Procedure 1</h2>

Then, add a link to the bookmark from the TOC within the same page. You can add the link tags and href in the Text pane or use the Insert link feature in the Visual pane.

<a href=”#1″>Procedure 1</a>
You will have to click Preview Changes to test the links.

This user’s guide contains the following Paladin procedures:

For help with FastBound tasks, contact FastBound

Procedure 1

    1. In the PO module, click Mode to change to PO Receive
    2. Click Find PO and open the purchase order with the received firearms.
    3. For each A&D firearm that is tracked in FastBound:
      1. Enter the quantity received in the Receive
      2. Right-click the line item and click Add Serial #.
      3. Enter the serial numbers for the received items and then click Finish or press F12.

Procedure 2

Procedure 3

Procedure 4


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