Do It Best IMCS uploads include location codes


Build: 2_1144 Build date: 5-Feb-18 Case 70526 This update only applies to stores that perform IMCS uploads to Do It Best. The Do It Best IMCS upload has been updated to include location codes as the Personal SKU value. This enables Do It Best to include location codes on bin tags.

UPC codes are included correctly in True Value uploads


Build: 2_1137 Build date: 1-Feb-18 Case 101165 This update only applies to True Value stores that perform automatic data uploads. We’ve updated True Value uploads to ensure that an item’s UPC code (or primary part number, if a UPC code is not available) is provided correctly. Weekly uploads will now also include all inventory items.

Automatic Print Later flag

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The Print Later flag for inventory items identifies when items need a new bin tag. You can view or set this flag for any inventory item in the Inventory module, on the General tab, in the Item Information pane. The Print Later flag can also be set automatically when a change in inventory information, such […]

SIGIS EPL file update frequency

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Paladin checks for a new Eligible Product List (EPL) from SIGIS every 14 days.  If an internet connection or other issue prevents an EPL update for 24 or more days, the following message appears when you start Paladin and will specify the number of days since the last EPL update. If you see this message, […]

How to set PaladinNsight™ employee access

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To ensure EDI processes run fast and efficiently, we will delay any EDI process that you try to start while the PaladinNsight™ dashboard is performing its information gathering process. When this happens, you will see the message shown in the picture below. The PaladinNsight™ information gathering process begins when an employee with access to the […]