How to adjust Inventory SOH

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To adjust the stock-on-hand (SOH) for an inventory item, follow these steps: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Inventory module. Find and display the inventory item. On the bottom ribbon of the module, select F4 Count. In the Count/Adjust SOH window, in the New SOH box, enter the correct SOH value. Click F12 […]

Shrinkage report with secondary suppliers

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The Shrinkage Report shows you a list of all manual stock-on-hand (SOH) updates that are not related to sales. You can use this report to find deleted and discontinued items. In a Shrinkage Report, when you filter by supplier, all items that are available from that supplier are displayed, even when the requested supplier is […]

Undo EDI vendor PO

Knowledge Base, Policy, Process, Purchase Orders

A purchase order received by an EDI process can only be reversed in the EDI Reporting window. If you try to reverse an EDI-received purchase order in the PO module using the F9 Undo Receiving option (on the Confirm PO tab), you will receive the following message, and your stock-on-hand (SOH) and quantity-on-order values will not […]

Negative SOH List report

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The Negative SOH List report runs when you specify a range of Supplier values in the Report Settings pane. The Negative SOH List report gives you a list of items in your active inventory with stock on hand (SOH) values that are less than zero (0). A Negative SOH value typically indicates a problem, and […]