How to insert subtotals on an invoice

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When items are added or removed from the invoice, subtotals will be automatically adjusted.  The subtotal is calculated from the previous subtotal.  If no prior subtotal exists, the subtotal is calculated from the start of the invoice. In the Invoice/Quote module, right-click an invoice line item, and then select Insert Subtotal.  The subtotal will be inserted above […]

Turn quotes into orders with Order Manager

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This feature lets you turn a quote into an order, sell the order items over time, and track what you’ve sold. The order will remain open until all items are purchased or you manually close the order. When a quote becomes an order, the item quantities and prices are fixed, and cannot be changed. This […]


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This article provides the following information on quotes: How to create a quote How to create a quote for services and repairs How to add parts and labor to a quote How to add a new part number to a quote after it was created How to automatically number quotes How to sell items from […]