How to create Benjamin Moore OSR and CCP reports

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This feature requires release 2021-C or build 4419 or later. If you participate in Benjamin Moore OSR (Outside Sale Rep) or CCP (Contractor & Commercial Pricing) programs, Paladin can create the reports required by Benjamin Moore. Important notes: If you use the OSR program, you must perform some initial setup steps (see procedure below). If […]

Troubleshooting: Accounting integrations

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ISSUE: Received inventory in Paladin did not create a vendor bill in the accounting software TRY: Check for receive POs that were scheduled for transfer but are still waiting to be uploaded. On a store terminal, in Paladin, on the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer. Click the Accounting Uploads tab.  Adjust the time period to […]

How to set up the insufficient SOH message

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Setup

IMPORTANT: You must have release 2021-C or your build must be greater than 4338 to use this feature.  To be notified when you enter an invoice quantity exceeds your current stock on hand, turn on the Insufficient SOH message. This message will not appear for non-inventory items and you can limit it to a range […]

Collect on Delivery (COD) User’s Guide

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The collect on delivery (COD) feature allows your customers to pay for purchases when they are delivered.  The payment option is available when you use the Schedule Delivery feature in these scenarios:  A customer has no store credit  A customer exceeds their store credit  This user’s guide contains the following topics:  How to turn on the COD feature  How to collect on delivery when […]

How to set up percentage discount for a customer

Customers, Knowledge Base, Setup

This procedure shows you how to apply an overall percentage discount to a customer’s account balance. If you prefer a more flexible approach, you can set up trade discounts that can be limited to specific departments or classes and that are also applied to individual customers. To learn more, see How to set up and […]

How to set up and apply trade discounts for customers

Customers, Knowledge Base, Setup

Trade discounts give your best customers a discount on their monthly statement. Trade discounts are set up as pricing plans. This allows you to selectively discount specific departments or classes and require that the discount meets the minimum margin for each item. You can create multiple trade discounts and selectively apply them to each customer […]

How to set up a prompt payment discount

Customers, Knowledge Base, Setup

Prompt payment discounts encourage your customers to pay their account balance quickly. To apply a prompt payment discount, you must apply the discount to each individual customer account. Discounts can be applied in two ways: Trade discounts: These discounts use the pricing plan feature and are assigned to a customer account in the Customers module […]

Paladin Settings: Receivables tab

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The Receivables settings control how monthly statements are generated in Paladin.  To access these settings, in Paladin, on the File menu, click Setup and then click the Receivables tab.     Setting  Description  Enable Statement Generation  Turns on statements.   Requires Paladin Support  Invoice Hold When  Prevent customers with a past due balance from making a charge payment when the payment is overdue […]