Paladin Manages All Aspects of Business

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Last year taught retail an invaluable lesson: Having integrated online and in-store sales and marketing, along with ability to serve customers and manage operations remotely is crucial to doing business when your brick-and-mortar store is closed.

Keeping Up With Evolving Technology


Having up-to-date retail technology is crucial to business success and it takes more than a one-time investment in hardware and software. It takes a commitment to adopting a new way of doing business and continued education and training.

Draw More Customers with Rentals 


Grow your business by making it a rental destination using Paladin and Point of Rental. Our new integration allows you to easily set up, manage and track rental inventory, customers and much more.

Are You Interested in Simple Store Management?


There’s nothing more frustrating than when nothing goes your way. The ground crumbles beneath you, and it gets real difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually control your store and avoid that kind of horror? How amazing would it be if you could […]

Paladin Makes Store Management Easy


The life of a store owner is full of activity. Do the words “overstocking” and “costs” give you shivers? Many of us wrinkle our noses. If only there were a way to prevent everyone in the world from overstocking and purchasing slow movers. Paladin Point of Sale makes managing your inventory, costs, and margins simpler. […]

Excellent Customer Service with Paladin Point of Sale


Have you ever dreaded calling customer service? If your technology needs a fix, you’ve usually stuck picking up the phone. If a product has a defect, you have to call someone. If you’ve got a question, the phone is just waiting to be used. Why do you dread that call? It is probably the long […]

How to Handle Customer Acquisition as a Small Business


As a small business, should I focus on gaining new customers, or repeat customers? Good question. The answer: Ideally, both. A more complicated answer: As you grow your business, it can be difficult to focus on acquiring new customers and preserving current ones1. You have to choose which path to take: new or old customers? […]

How to Talk to Customers Like a Pro


Do you still get nervous when talking to customers? If you’re looking for a few tips to help get over those tight-chested, shallow breath and heart attack feelings, there are a few ways you can show them you want to pursue a relationship. You can always tell when a customer service representative really cares. It’s […]