How to hide retail in a PO on RF terminal

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Paladin supports a request to turn off business intelligence data during manual purchase order creation in RF Remote Terminals. If your store does not need to confirm the retail price in inventory matches the retail price on a bintag scanned, you may turn off display of this information during PO creation. To perform this: In […]

How to reprint an invoice

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The following provides information on the several ways to reprint an invoice: How Paladin printer settings affect invoice reprints Reprint purchase orders without costs and more new options How to reprint from the Invoice/Quote module Invoice reprints from Invoice/Quote module How to reprint from the Customers module How to reprint a customer’s prior statement How […]

PO system number-of-days % setting

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The PO system number-of-days % value is used by the Suggested Order Report to increase or decrease suggested order amounts. In the Paladin, you can set the PO system number-of-days % value to a percentage greater than 100%. Typically, this number should not be more that 200%. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File […]

Data Viewer: PO inventory

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  In the Paladin, you can view and export inventory information about purchase order items into an Excel spreadsheet. To set this: In Paladin, from the main menu, select Maintain, then click Data Viewer. In the Paladin POS Data Viewer window, select the Purchase Orders tab. In the Type list, select the type of purchase […]

Purchase Order Importer

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The Purchase Order Importer feature lets you import a list of items and automatically create pending purchase orders (one for each supplier) for items that also appear in your active inventory in Paladin. You can then confirm, buy, and receive these purchase orders. The Purchase Order Importer feature is useful for the following tasks: You […]

Footage Calculator

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The Footage Calculator is used to enter a set of quantities and lengths (feet and inches) for items, and can be used with purchase orders in the PO module. To add quantity and length values for an item on a purchase order: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the PO module. Open the purchase […]

How to receive a negative purchase order

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In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the PO module. On the bottom ribbon of the module, click Mode PO to change to Mode Receive. In the Receive PO tab, on the bottom ribbon, click Find PO. In the Find PO window, in the PO Details pane, select search criteria. In the Matching Purchase Orders pane, highlight […]

How to create a manual purchase order

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In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the PO module. In the Supplier list, select a Supplier. In the Part Number section, enter a part number. Note: To search for a part, click Advanced Lookup. Adjust the Quantity as needed, press Enter. To add more items, repeat step 5. On the bottom ribbon, click Confirm PO. […]

About purchase orders

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To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article (KBA). KBA Title Area How to add a supplier part number that is different from the PO part number Inventory How to adjust future reorder quantities for a sale or promotion Inventory How to cancel a back order without adjusting stock on hand counts twice […]

Accounting for deleted inventory items

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This article provides information on the way deleted inventory items can be accounted for in Paladin. Note: Inventory items are not “deleted.” They are inactivated and can be restored. For more on this, see the KBA: How to restore/activate an inventory item Deleting an inventory item with non-zero stock-on-hand When you delete an inventory item […]

Duplicate invoice PO number

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Duplicate invoices can display Authorized Signer and PO Number on sales paid using a credit card.   To enable the feature to allow collection of PO/Memo data and authorized signer matching on credit card sales: In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Credit Card tab. In the Signatures pane, check Enable […]

EDI processing protection during receiving

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When you process an EDI invoice file to receive recently ordered items, Paladin first compares the number of items in the EDI file to the number of open purchase order items. If the difference is significant, a message appears, and you have the option to cancel the EDI process. This is designed to prevent you […]

Multi-Store: Enable PO copy to other stores

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A function common to many multi-store operations is to create a purchase order for one store and copy or duplicate the PO into other store’s pending purchase orders. In Paladin, purchase order creation is unchanged; you just need to set the Enable Copy PO To Other Stores function.  If the feature has been enabled AND […]

Remember PO Receive mode

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Paladin PO Receive system has a “remember where I was” control. Should you leave PO Receive to work in another area, when you return,  press Alt > 4. Your screen will automatically display your PO Receive event in progress and restore focus on the exact line and input field from which you left.  In cases […]