Do It Best IMCS uploads include location codes


Build: 2_1144 Build date: 5-Feb-18 Case 70526 This update only applies to stores that perform IMCS uploads to Do It Best. The Do It Best IMCS upload has been updated to include location codes as the Personal SKU value. This enables Do It Best to include location codes on bin tags.

Ace Rewards new member sign up adds customer type list

New Features

Build: 2_1190 Build date: 2-Feb-18 In the Invoice/Quote module, when you sign up a new Ace Rewards member, a list of Ace customer types appears, and you must select one. This step is not optional. Previously, you could only specify if the customer was a homeowner. The new customer type list replaces the homeowner designation. […]

UPC codes are included correctly in True Value uploads


Build: 2_1137 Build date: 1-Feb-18 Case 101165 This update only applies to True Value stores that perform automatic data uploads. We’ve updated True Value uploads to ensure that an item’s UPC code (or primary part number, if a UPC code is not available) is provided correctly. Weekly uploads will now also include all inventory items.

Ace Rewards coupon importer

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Ace Hardware Stores can download a fresh copy of Ace Hardware’s Ace Rewards Coupon file. To perform this task: In Paladin, from the main menu, select Maintain > Utilities > Ace Utilities > Restore Ace Rewards Coupons. The current Ace Rewards Coupon file will automatically download and process into inventory. A status bar is displayed […]

Force a class into new inventory

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To add a specific class to all new inventory items: In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Company tab. In the EDI pane, check Put New Inventory Items in Specified Class*, and in the field, enter the class you wish to use. Click Save, and then click Close.  This feature […]

Ace Buyback Support

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Paladin supports and drives the Ace PTA Buyback and Credit List functions. To use this features: In Paladin, on the main menu, click Maintain.  Click Utilities.  Click Ace Utilities. Click Process Buyback File. In the Ace Buyback Processing window, in the Store Number box, replace 00000 with the Ace store’s actual number. Click on the ellipses […]