Paladin Fall 2018 Release Guide

Features and Updates, New Features

The Fall 2018 Release is out and ready to unlock your business potential with new integrations, mobile apps, time-saving invoicing features, and much more! Take a few minutes to read the summary below. Integrations We embrace using specialized software for your business and understand managing information between multiple systems can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s […]

RepeatRewards adds separate first and last name requirement

Features and Updates, New Features

Tip Paladin Point of Sale now integrates with RepeatRewards, making it easier than ever to grow your RepeatRewards loyalty program.  What’s new After we announced the new RepeatRewards integration, a new requirement for separate first and last name values was added. To fulfill this requirement, in the Customers module, when you select a RepeatRewards customer […]

Prevent manual discounts from applying to Net items

Features and Updates, New Features

You can prevent an inventory item from being automatically discounted in many scenarios by selecting the Net checkbox on the Pricing tab in the Inventory module. What’s New When you manually press F4 or click Discount Item to manually apply a percentage discount to an invoice, a new Paladin Configuration option will exclude invoice items that have the Net checkbox […]

Print and share customer data efficiently using Excel

Features and Updates, New Features

The View in Excel feature automatically creates an Excel view of frequently-requested customer data–eliminating the need to transcribe the information manually. From Excel, you can easily print, email and share this information with the customer or other software programs. The View in Excel feature is available when you edit this customer data: Authorized Signers Projects […]

Specify a signer and PO number for all credit card purchases

Features and Updates, New Features

Credit cards are used more today than ever. In response, accounting departments are increasingly interested in collecting information with credit card transactions, such as the signer’s name, a purchase order number and/or a project name.    What’s new A new configuration setting lets you optionally specify a signer and/or memo or purchase order number for […]

New pharmacy integration communication alert

New Features

This feature applies to pharmacies that use a Paladin Point of Sale pharmacy system integration. Our pharmacy integrations are designed to work seamlessly with a store’s pharmacy systems behind the scenes. However, occasionally communications are interrupted by internet outages or for other reasons.  If your store uses a pharmacy integration, a new message will notify […]