How to set up FastBound Integration – Client process

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Perform the following steps as part of the FastBound integration setup process. This process can be time intensive. STEP F will likely take you the most time. Do not start these tasks until Paladin Support has instructed you to start. This article provides instruction and information on the following, which must be done in the […]

FastBound Integration

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Paladin integrates with FastBound so you can receive and sell firearms in Paladin while simultaneously updating FastBound. Learn more about the FastBound integration This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to receive firearms in Paladin and automatically acquire them in FastBound How to sell a firearm in Paladin and automatically dispose of it in FastBound  How to add a firearm inventory item in Paladin  How to handle a transferred firearm that was purchased […]

Streamline Firearms Sales with FastBound


Expand your product offering and attract new customers with the sale of firearms. Our integration with FastBound automates the complicated process of selling firearms by making inventory tracking, record-keeping, and federal compliance automatic.