EDI: EJD: How to send and receive files

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This article contains these procedures: How to send a purchase order to EJD How to download and process EJD EDI files How to send a purchase order to EJD On the top ribbon, click the PO module or press Alt + 4. In the Purchase Order tab, do one of the following options: Create a PO. Recall a PO […]

How to apply freight cost to an EDI invoice

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In the Inventory module, click EDI or press F7, and then click Reporting. In the EDI Reporting window, invoices that are eligible for a freight cost have a red X icon in the Freight column. Highlight an invoice with a red X and click Apply Freight. In the EDI Freight Cost window, select the freight cost distribution method: If you select Item Cost, […]

How to turn on/off EDI Updated Classes

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Note: When EDI class updates are turned off for a supplier, class locked notifications will no longer appear during EDI processing. To set up the EDI class update preference for a supplier: On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Supplier In the Suppliers pane, select the supplier. In the […]

Print or save the EDI status message history

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When you process an EDI file, status messages will appear in the EDI Processing window. After the EDI file is processed, a new Print Log button lets you view, print, or save the status message history. The status message history opens in a Notepad window. To print the status message history, in the Notepad window, […]

EDI: How to update SOH when EDI receiving was delayed

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Follow these steps to receive items from an EDI supplier that is set up for delayed EDI invoice updates. Note: To set up this feature, contact Paladin Support  at support@paladinpos.com. This feature only applies to Ace, Jensen and EJD suppliers. On the top ribbon, click the Inventory module or press ALT+3. On the bottom ribbon, click EDI […]

Wallace Hardware EDI: Retail price update

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In Paladin, you can set different retail price update methods for EDI invoice files and maintenance/price-change files. The selected methods for both file types, default to the previous setting for all EDI files. For example, if you previously selected Yes to allow all EDI files to update retail prices, then Yes will be selected as […]

Print Later flag

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The Print Later flag is a check box that, when selected, identifies items that need a new big tag. This check box is in the Inventory module, on the General tab, in the Item Information pane. To print labels based on the Print Later flag, use the Bintag Format reports in the Reports module. The […]

How to automatically download Orgill EDI files

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When Paladin is set up to process Orgill EDI using this method, a Download Files button appears in the EDI Processing window when you click EDI in the Inventory module. Then, when you click Download Files, an EDI Maintenance Processing window appears so you can select and confirm the supplier. If there is more than one […]