Advanced Lookup search feature

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

This feature, if enabled, allows users to search inventory descriptions 1 AND 2 as a single field. Stores using long and/or complicated descriptions may find benefit from this search ability. The benefit gained from this feature is the ability to find inventory items with a specific phrase contained in their descriptions even if the phrase […]

Invoice reprints from Invoice/Quote module

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Setup

Invoice reprint ability is available from the Invoice/Quote module.  In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Invoice/Quote module. On the bottom ribbon, select F1 Advanced Lookup. Open the History tab. Enable the criteria to search (Invoice or Part). Double click any line of the displayed sales history, and a copy of the original invoice […]

Ace National Lookup option

Ace Hardware, Customers, Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Process

In many cases, you can enter a last name and a zip code to find rewards information on the customer at your counter. For even more information, you can enable the Ace Nat’l Lookup radio button and be given all stores participating in Ace Rewards.  This feature appears as follows:  Should the National Lookup database […]

Exclude inactive (deleted) customer accounts

Customers, Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

Note: To “inactive” a customer account in Paladin, you actually have to “delete” a customer account. This is rather confusing, and a change to the wording will be coming in future releases. But until then, rest assured that the customer account is not “deleted” and is put in an “inactive” state where they can be […]

Special orders

INTERNAL, Inventory, Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Process, Purchase Orders, Setup

Paladin’s special order system covers placing special orders for both existing products as well as non-stocked products. Every special order generated also automatically generates pending Purchase Orders for all suppliers identified on the special order.  To build a special order, you need to detail the product to be ordered on the Invoice / Quote module. […]