Build: 7767

Date: 02-Oct-13

A number of stores have requested ability to direct the Yard Order / Pick Up Order to a printer other than the device defined for their Laser Invoice / PO Printer. Paladin POS now sports a new printer control specifically for this form. To make the transition easy for everyone, the printer defined for your Laser Invoice / PO printer will be automatically populated in the new control. This allows printing of this form to continue as it has always worked.

Should you have need to use this new feature simply click File – Setup – Network and scroll down the list to find the field labeled “Dedicated Yard Order Printer”. Use the network browse button to the right of the field to find the printer you wish to use. Click Save when done. Remember all entries on the Network tab are LOCAL to the machine viewing the settings. If you require multiple work stations to use a different printer, the instruction must be given on EACH work station and saved.

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