Build:  8050

Date:  24-Feb-14

Inventory Locations are now displayed on your Yard Order / Pick Up Order form.   A new column has been added to the right side of the form identified as “LOC” to display this information.  The setting chosen in File – Setup – Loc – Printing and Margin Master Export Options – Print By Location ID (or Name) determines if location numbers or location names are used on this and all other reports / printing / exports.

Another enhancement performed in this build was to reduce the amount of printing displayed on this form.  Beginning with this build, if the scanned/entered part number is the same as the item’s primary part number, only the scanned/entered number will be printed.  After all why would anyone need two identical part numbers printed on this form?

We want to remind everyone of two significant enhancements to this area released in build 7767 on 02-Oct-13.  You now may specify an alternate printer for Yard Order / Pick Up Order output and you may also limit the content on your Yard Order / Pick Up Order forms to only the product not filled inside the store.  Review your past Paladin POS Release Notices for details on both of these recent new features.

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