The following features and updates were published in the last week. To view the announcement details, click any feature or update title.

Feature or update Build number Type
Rich Rewards balance displays on full-sheet invoices 2_552, 9976.84* Feature
Inventory Master Report supports more than two suppliers 2_554, 9976.84* Feature
Computer-Rx pharmacy system second signature issue corrected 2_560, 9976.84* Update
United & Wallace EDI: New items without a ship quantity are processed correctly 2_563, 9976.84* Update
Break Pack Threshold values display correctly 2_568, 9976.86* Update
Loss Experience meter shows zero for positive shrinkage value 2_576, 9976.88* Update
Wallace EDI Print Later flag issue corrected 2_531, 9976.77* Update
Large invoice form Total box is wider 2_547, 9976.84* Update

*All of these features and updates are, or will be shortly, available in your store with general release updates.

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