The following feature and update were announced in the last week, and are all available now in your store. To view the announcement details, click any feature or update title.

Feature or update Build number Type
Upload Wallace purchase orders efficiently using FTP 2_633, 9976.99 Feature
Sales history time range in Slow Movers Report expanded to two years 2_643, 9976.100 Feature
Multi-store only: New customer types save correctly 2_650, 9976.103 Update
PO system number-of-days % setting for departments can be greater than 100% 2_655, 9976.104 Feature
Rich Rewards: Exclude items by department or class 2_663, 9976.105 Feature
Multi-store only: Advanced Lookup issue when searching by supplier is corrected 2_668, 9976.106 Update
Extra pricing level history issue corrected 2_669, 9976.106 Update


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