The following feature and update announcements were published in the last week, and are currently available in your store. For details, click any feature or update title.

Feature or update Build number Type
Supplier account numbers on purchase orders can be 10 digits 2_670, 9976.106 Feature
Repeat Rewards validation issue when using the barcode scanner control is corrected 2_671, 9976.106 Update
Multi-store only: Inventory item subclasses import correctly 2_672, 9976.106 Update
Only non-inventory items can have a reference margin of 100 2_682, 9976.106 Update
Emailing an invoice in the Sales History Viewer no longer prints a copy 2_683, 9976.106 Update
EDI process for items with reference margins of 100 2_688, 9976.106 Update


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