The following features and updates were published in the last week. To view the announcement details, click any feature or update title.

Feature or update Build number Type
New Rich Rewards Loyalty Balance Report 2_459 Feature
Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) gift card EMV partial approval issue corrected 2_486, 9976.72* Update
PaladinNsight™ tools display issue corrected 2_496, 9976.74* Update
Period Comparative Revenue Report date range issue corrected 2_503, 9976.74* Update
Pharmacies without SIGIS will not see EPL message 2_504, 9976.74* Update
Update retail issue with kits corrected 2_509, 9976.74* Update
Ace Hardware EDI will not create accounts without a customer name 2_510, 9976.74* Update
Multi-store only: New items appear immediately in multi-store view 2_514, 9976.74* Update
Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) credit card processing safeguard 2_541, 9976.86* Update
Ace gift card department and class changes require no action from stores N/A Update

*All of these features and updates are, or will be shortly, available in your store with  general release updates. If you are interested in the RX30 pharmacy integration, contact Paladin Customer Support at (800)725-2346.

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