The following features and updates were published in the last week. To view the announcement details, click any feature or update title.

Feature or update Build number Type
Returned item notes are excluded from yard orders 2_518, 9976.74* Update
When your credit card processor cannot void a payment, a new message appears 2_595, 9976.93* Feature
EMV terminals return to the welcome screen after a charge sale 2_516, 9976.74* Update
Advanced Lookup invoice history adds default search text 2_519, 9976.74* Update
Ace gift card department and class changes require no action from stores N/A N/A

*All of these features and updates are, or will be shortly, available in your store with general release updates. If you are interested in the RX30 pharmacy integration, contact Paladin Customer Support at (800)725-2346.

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