The following features and updates were published in the last two weeks. To view the announcement details, click any feature or update title.

Feature or update Build number Type
Manually-entered flex card processing issue corrected 2_352, 9976.60 Update
Alternate ID type entry method changed  in Customers module 2_358, 9976.61 Update
[Multi-store only] Data Viewer inventory supplier import issue corrected 2_360, 9976.61 Update
Return invoice number not requested for Ace Hardware coupons 2_360, 9976.61 Update
Improved FSA ineligibility message 2_365, 9976.61 Update
Paladin Point of Sale builds 2_367 and later will not run on Windows XP 2_367 Update
Manual deletion of Ace Rewards numbers works correctly 2_368, 9976.61 Update
OpenEdge/Global Payment integration: Credit card on file issue corrected 2_375 Update
House Hasson EDI: Existing alternate part numbers preserved 2_380 Update
Protect your business from unexpected internet outages with Paladin’s Internet Fallback service N/A Feature

* This feature or update available to most stores as a general release update.  You have a general release update if your Paladin Point of Sale build number is 9976.xx, where xx is a number, such as 9976.51.

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