The following features and updates were published in the last week. To view the announcement details, click any feature or update title.

DataWise backups process during the day if needed*2_436, 9976.66Feature

Feature or update Build number Type
Min margin range of values changed for departments* 2_445, 9976.68 Update
Data Viewer display issue corrected* 2_453, 9976.69 Update
Credit Card Deposit Report categorizes gift cards correctly* 2_477, 9976.72 Update
Ace Hardware Smart Barcodes single-use coupon* 2_482, 9976.72 Feature
Issue with a leading blank space in a part number is corrected* 2_485, 9976.72 Update
Ace Rewards coupon file is updated monthly* 2_538, 9976.78 Feature
New RX30 pharmacy integration system available 2_555 Feature

*All of these features and updates are, or will be shortly, available in your store with  general release updates. If you are interested in the RX30 pharmacy integration, contact Paladin Customer Support at (800)725-2346.

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