Build: 9863
Build date: 23-May-16

You can have confidence that your web store item prices and names are always up to date with our new eCommerce update feature. A price or item description change in your Paladin Point of Sale inventory can now automatically update your webstore.

How does it work?

This feature connects the price and title of store items to inventory item values in Paladin Point of Sale. When an inventory item is updated, the web store item is also updated. The following table shows the relationship between the web store and inventory item values.

Web store value Paladin Point of Sale inventory value
Item price Pricing Level 1 (Pricing tab)
Item title Description 3 (General tab)

Can I automatically update my webstore prices, too?

We’ve developed this feature for the WooCommerce platform—one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce platforms. If that’s not what you’re using, talk to us about building a custom interface to your webstore. Or, if you don’t have a webstore, we can create one for you.  Ask your account manager for a quote.

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