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Build date: 20-Jun-16

A new Comparative Revenue Report setting lets you view revenue by customer type– such as Contractor, Homeowner/DIY or Employee–in the following reports:

  • Today’s Comparative Revenue Report
  • Yesterday’s Comparative Revenue Report
  • Period Comparative Revenue Report

To accurately show revenue distribution, set the customer type for each customer account before you run the report. To learn how to do this, see New customer types for customer accounts.

How it works

To view revenue by customer type in any Comparative Revenue Report, in the Additional Settings pane, in the Detail by: list, select Customer Type.


Customer Type report setting for Comparative Revenue Report


Then, run the report to view revenue totals by customer type.


Comparative revenue report broken down by customer type

About customer types

You can use customer types to classify customers. A default set of customer types is provided in Paladin Point of Sale. You can also create your own.

To find out more about customer types, see New customer types for customer accounts.


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