Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Many new Paladin POS features require additional data storage to function properly.  All Paladin versions after build 7769 will utilize an updated database structure to accommodate this need.  If you view our Help – About Paladin POS window, you will notice the database version should have increased to 4.63

These changes will not affect or impact any external reports or ODBC functions you may have created.  Schema 4.63 added new data storage and did not change anything existing.

Your database will be updated automatically in the over night Data Validation processes performed by Paladin POS.  You may manually launch the process by clicking Maintain – Data Validation and clicking OK.  Upon completion of the utilities, a message is presented informing you of “Database Schema update to v4.63 completed”.  Click OK to exit.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact