Build: 9629
Build date: 1-Feb-16

United EDI processing has had several upgrades and enhancements. Two new features  are described here.

New supplier ratio calculation system

A custom supplier ratio system, based on United’s new product data management specifications, will now be applied to inventory items that have BK as their unit of measure. This update should resolve recent supplier ratio issues that were occurring with United EDI data.

Broken carton information

Inventory items will now show FPack information from United in the Broken Carton box in the Inventory module on the Order Control tab. Items that are not FPack items will display a Y (for yes) as the Broken Carton value to indicate that the item can be broken into separately sold items. United does not supply the number of individual items in a case or package, so that information is not included.

Broken carton info pane


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