Accountants rejoice! There is finally a way to automatically export your Paladin Point of Sale business data into QuickBooks.  

Our new Synergration AutoSync Integration will transfer your day’s numbers each night into your QuickBooks general ledger.

Synergration data flow

Let technology do what it does best—automate tedious tasks and give you time back.

How it works

Note: This integration applies to stores that have QuickBooks 2018 set up for their store accounting.  

Our integration with QuickBooks utilizes an API developed by Synergration

To get started, a Paladin Support representative will work with you to set up the integration between QuickBooks and Paladin Point of Sale. When your store is setup, each night, Paladin Point of Sale will transfer that day’s business data into your QuickBooks general ledger.

Intrigued? Contact Paladin Support to sign up or learn more.

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