Build:  8521 and retroactively 8437.13 & .14

Date:  20-Oct-14

With release of this update, the new Ace Hardware’s Dynamic Promotion is fully supported within Paladin POS.  We’re satisfied all conditions of the new BOGO and BOG1 promotions work correctly and will function as expected for your customers.

Click on Help – About to view the version number installed in your terminal.  If you have not received the newest general release update yet, your version number will be 8437.13 (multi store) or 8437.14 (single store).  If you have received the current general release, your version will be 8521.  To expedite download and installation of the new version, click Help – Check For Updates.

Once installed, data validation will remove the manual work–around steps detailed to everyone last Friday.  Good luck with your sale.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact