Build: 7154.1-2

Date: 06-Nov-12

You may now review other store’s stock on hand levels for any line item on your purchase order AND initiate a bulk stock transfer of product from multiple stores to satisfy your stock needs. After all, why buy new inventory when you can simply and easily move surplus stock between locations?

The purchase order system looks and runs identically to how you remember it. Well… almost. The F7 PO Mode / Receive Mode button has been moved to the vacant F5 position. Since F7 is utilized by both invoicing and inventory as the Stock Transfer function, we wanted the same command to initiate stock transfers in PO. So, we moved the location of a button.

To use the new Multi-Store transfer system, highlight any single line on your PO and press F7 Transfer. A window appears with a title of “Transfer” and details SOH, On Order, Last Sold Date and Retail price in each of the remote stores. The bottom left corner of this window displays the “Maximum Transfer Quantity” (which is the Order QTY on the highlighted row of the PO). You may enter any transfer quantity you desire on any or all stores as long as you don’t exceed the SOH for any one store, or the total transferred qty doesn’t exceed the PO Order Qty. When satisfied with your transfer(s) press the F8 Transfer button to be returned to your PO. Notice that the Order Qty of the PO has been reduced by the transferred amounts.

Complete your PO as you would normally. After Paladin POS has produced the printed copy of your PO (and you have left the “P.O. Complete” window) a new window is presented that is titled “Pending Transfer POs” with details of “Auto-Complete Transfer POs: One or more Transfer POs are pending. Would you like these completed automatically?” with an option buttons of Yes or No.

The “No” button returns you to a new Purchase Order screen to perform any action (or exit) that you desire. The next Purchase Order you create, regardless of to whom it is written, will once again ask you for approval to auto-complete the transfer POs. Multiple Purchase Orders may be created, each adding to the transfer system, and as long as you approve the auto-complete with the last PO, the transfers will be completed.

Uncompleted Transfer Purchase Orders are stored in the same list as all of your pending, uncompleted Purchase Orders are stored. If you press F6 Recall P.O. you will find entries labeled like “Store 4 – Working Transfer PO”. While you can recall these and apply further editing, no changes will carry ‘backwards’ to the original Purchase Order(s) that created this Transfer PO. Also no transfer functions exist for a Transfer PO. Should you resave the pending Transfer PO, you are not allowed to change the file name the Transfer PO is stored under. Remember that the completion of ANY Purchase Order will prompt you for automatic completion of all pending Transfer Purchase Orders.

Results from these Transfer Purchase Orders are identical to the single PO Bulk Stock Transfer PO system that has existed in Paladin POS for several months. PO numbers are automatically assigned, and a copy of each Transfer PO prints locally. Credit Purchase Orders are automatically created for the distributing stores. All Transfer Purchase Orders use the Average Cost for the supplying store as the basis of purchase cost for the PO.

A new feature has been added to the Bulk Stock Transfer PO system that automatically generates email messages to the remote store(s) including a copy of the credit PO. Now, remote stores are no longer required to watch their PO files to know when a Bulk Stock Transfer has been initiated.

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