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Build date: 13-Aug-15

To prevent printer issues when you generate month-end statements, a test statement is printed first. You must verify that the test statement printed successfully before statement processing can continue.

With this printer test, you will never need to cancel statement processing because of a printer issue, and duplicate statement emails and statement reversals will not occur.

Note: If you do not print paper statements, this printer test is automatically skipped.

To verify that your printer is working correctly before statement processing starts, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the terminal and the printer that were setup by Paladin Customer Service to print statements. The printer must be connected to the terminal by a cable. Do not use a wireless or network connection.
  2. In the Reports module, set up a Statement Generation or Mid-Month Statement Generation report, and then click F12 Run Report. A test statement is printed automatically.
  3. When the Statement Processing window shown below appears, go the printer to see if the test statement printed correctly.
  4. After you return from the printer:-If the test statement printed correctly, click Yes to start statement processing.

    -If the test statement did not print or printed incorrectly, resolve the printer issue.

    Possible printer issues include:

    • The printer is out of supplies, such as paper.
    • The printer is off.
    • The printer is offline or not connected.
    • The printer was moved.
    • The printer has an error.
    • The printer is new and has not been setup for statement processing.
    • The printer is broken.
    • The printer selected as the Report Printer in Paladin Configuration settings no longer exists.

    If you need help, contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Support (1-800-725-2346 or

  5. When you are ready to print another test statement, click No, and then check the printer again. Repeat this step until the test statement prints correctly.IMPORTANT: If you cannot print successfully, you must click Cancel to prevent the statement generation process from starting. Do not continue until the printer issue is resolved.
  6. When the statement prints correctly, click Yes to start the statement generation process.

Business-class printers are recommended

We recommend that you use a business-class printer that can handle large print jobs for statement processing. Printers that are designed for home use are designed for small jobs, are slow, and typically run out of paper and other supplies more quickly.

To learn more about cost-effective business-class printers, contact Point of Sale Customer Support (1-800-725-2346 or


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