The Spring 2019 Release is rolling out and ready to unlock your business potential with an array of new features, integrations and much more! Take a few minutes to read the summary below.


We embrace using specialized software for your business and understand managing information between multiple systems can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we’re constantly developing integrations with third-party software and services to reduce manual tasks and put your data to work.

Below are some of the integrations included in the Spring 2019 Release:

Enhance the customer experience and compete with big-box stores and online giants by featuring dynamic digital signage, product videos, performing price comparisons, and so much more all from your mobile device. Learn more in our webinar

Simplify the complicated process of workforce management with this new integration. Deputy leverages your data to graph forecasted sales and build optimized employee schedules.  Learn more in our webinar
Learn more: Success Story

Look up any True Value Rewards member online or sign them up instantly when they make a purchase. If a True Value Rewards member was found online, but not in your customer database, you can easily add them. Learn more

Look up Do It Best Rewards members in your customer database or sign them up when they make a purchase. Learn more

Email to request an integration or watch our webinar to learn more about other recent integrations.

Purchase Orders

Create supplier POs for a suggested order or other PO in seconds with Order Analyst
Instantly create ready-to-buy supplier purchase orders for suggested order items or a purchase order without a selected supplier with Order Analyst. Learn more

Buy items from their lowest-cost EDI suppliers with Order Analyst
Compare up-to-date supplier costs across your EDI systems automatically and always order from the lowest-cost EDI supplier with Order Analyst. Learn more

Report missing order items to True Value Hardware using a new PO type
Select a new purchase order type to automatically notify True Value when a purchase contains unreceived items. Learn more

Get confirmation that your True Value Hardware purchase order was received
A new message provides immediate verification that your purchase order was successfully delivered to True Value Hardware. Learn more

Invoicing and Checkout

Search an invoice with a new quick access menu option
Quickly find any line time by searching for a part number or description with this new quick access (right-click) menu feature. Learn more

Monitor when a customer is permitted to exceed their store credit limit
Manager overrides for exceeded credit limits will now appear on invoices and in the Salesperson Exception Report. Learn more


Add ongoing notes about a customer and maintain a historical record
Enter, review and exchange detailed time-stamped notes about a customer with your accountant and other employees with this new account note history. Learn more 

New AVS address information in Paladin Point of Sale
In the Customers module, in a customer account you can enter an alphanumeric address for credit card AVS verification. And, if you use WorldPay end-to-end (E2E) credit card processing, you can enter all AVS address verification information in the customers’ account in Paladin Point of Sale, and not just the credit card terminal.

Bin Tags

A new bin tag #33 is available for desktop and portable printers
A new bin tag for desktop and portable printers is available. To see our complete list of bin tags, labels and more, see the LTSR catalog.


Accounting Summary Report adds sales and service charge totals
View taxable and non-taxable subtotals, the sales tax total, and the service charge total at the bottom of the report. Learn more

Discontinued Item Report adds item location
Find discontinued items easily by referencing the newly-added location codes. Learn more

Inventory Count List Report adds last counted and last received dates
View the last counted and last received dates for an item in the Excel version of the report.  A blank Counted Qty column has also been added making it easy to print out the item list and perform inventory counts in your store.

Learn more about the Spring Release in our webinar.