Build: 9501
Build date: 19-Nov-15

We’ve made the following improvements to the special order process:

  • A special order receipt is automatically printed when you store (save) a special order by clicking Store or pressing F6 in the Invoice/Quote module.
  • After you store a special order, a Special Order Deposit window appears that asks you to for the amount of the deposit. You can set the default deposit choice in the Paladin Configuration window (see steps below).

Note: The new deposit feature is only available when a Customer is selected or when Allow Special Orders to Create Customers is selected in the Paladin Configuration window (see steps below). You are still asked to enter a customer name and phone number when you store the special order if neither of these conditions is met, but the customer is not added your Customer list.

special order discount options

To set a default special order deposit amount, follow these steps:

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the File menu, click Setup.
  3. Click the Company tab, and then scroll to the Special Orders pane.
  4. Make sure the Enable Special Orders checkbox is selected.
  5. Make sure the Allow Special Orders to Create Customers checkbox is selected.
  6. Select the default Special Order Default Deposit value.
  7. Click Save and then click Done.

Special order settings in paladin configuration

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