A new inventory setting lets you show prices in thousand board feet (MBF), thousand square feet (MSF) or ton on invoices and quotes. This feature is useful for products commonly quoted in these units, such as lumber, sand and gravel.

Note: Invoice quantity and pricing is still calculated using the ‘per piece’ (EACH) price.

Show prices in MBF, MSF and Ton screenshot

To turn on this feature for an inventory item, in the Inventory module, open the item and then click the Pricing tab.

In the Cost Per: list, select the alternate unit: MBF, MSF, or Ton. Depending on the unit, you will be prompted for item dimensions or weight. An MBF, MSF or Ton checkbox will also appear. Select this checkbox and notice that the Sale Price changes to the alternate unit price that will also appear on invoices and quotes.

Save your changes.

Show prices in MBF, MSF and Ton screenshot



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