Build: 7416.1

Date: 4-Mar-13 

This version of Paladin POS allows details of all POS checkout functions to be overlaid or joined with the video collected by your Watcher Total Protection video surveillance system. With this new feature the task of finding and reviewing a recorded video event in your store has become significantly easier. Maybe a customer reports to you they didn’t leave the checkout lane with their purchases, or perhaps they are reporting that change wasn’t returned to them.

With the Watcher Total Protection video surveillance system you may search video based on a detail of the sale. For example, you can find video of a sale containing a specific product sold, invoice amount, payment type, invoice number or many cashier actions (like triggering the cash drawer to open without a sale). No longer must you stream forwards and backwards hoping to catch a specific event.

If you have interest in using this feature with your Watcher Total Protection system, Paladin Customer Support will be happy to perform the configuration necessary in Paladin POS to enable this new family of features. Should you be looking for a new video security system, Watcher Total Protection is worthy of consideration.

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