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Just like anti-virus software and encrypted credit card data, database backups are also essential in today’s business world. Lose your data and you can experience significant financial and business loss.

Do you:

  • Perform daily Paladin Point of Sale database backups?
  • Verify your backups to make sure your data is saved?
  • Keep copies of your backups off-site?
  • Maintain organized copies of your monthly backups?

If you aren’t doing all of these activities consistently, your business is at risk.

Our new sophisticated and affordable off-site backup service–DataWise™– will do all this and more, so you can have peace-of-mind that your data is safe and secure.

Paladin Point of Sale database backup processing is complex, and much more than simply copying files to another hard drive. With DataWise™, you’ll have a solution that is specifically designed for Paladin Point of Sale. And, at $59/month, it’s less expensive than the advertised prices of other business backup services. Plus, setup is instant when you purchase this service from the Paladin Store.

Sign up by September 30, 2016, and get DataWise™ free through October 31, 2016.


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