Build: 7416.1

Date: 4-Mar-13 

Many stores have seen new legislation and administrative rules enacted that require collection of new taxes and fees from your customers. Along with the new taxes come new and different requirements for detailing these events to your customers. Historically Paladin POS has combined all sales tax types into a single, simple tax total on your receipts and invoices. With the release of this feature you may now detail all the taxes on your documents.

To enable this new feature click File – Setup – Taxes and check the box beside “Separate Tax Levels on Invoices” and click Save.

We recommend that you review the names given to your tax structures as they will be visible to all customers (if this feature is enabled).

Paladin POS development team expects to have a significant update to the Sales Tax Definition system by year end. In today’s tax crazy world many stores will benefit from additional sales tax structures.

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