Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

If your pharmacy utilizes Suite RX or PK Software for your dispensing and compounding needs, Paladin POS automatically sends and receives data between itself and your dispensing system. One of the common information blocks to be received by Paladin POS is customer name and basic contact information.

This version of Paladin POS now allows you to establish a default credit limit for these electronically transferred customer accounts. If your store has need to CHARGE sales to these transferred accounts, you may enable this function by clicking File – Setup – Pharmacy and scroll down the page to the Pharmacy Communication information box. A new input field is displayed with a label of “Default Credit Limit for added customers”. The default value of this new field is 0. You may enter a value between 0 and 9999999… Click Save to record your new entry. This value will ONLY modify the credit limit of NEW customers added to your POS system via the RX integration. No modification of existing customer credit limits will occur.

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