Build: 2_539, 9976.86
Build date: 31-Jan-17

A customer’s Rich Rewards point balance is displayed to the cashier during the checkout process The displayed balance includes points awarded for the current purchase.

Rich Rewards points displayed at checkout

The customer points balance is also printed on and on the customer’s invoice.

Rich Rewards points displayed on receipt

If there are enough points for an award, when the transaction is complete, a coupon is printed on the receipt and the customer’s point balance is reduced. When this happens, the adjusted rewards point balance is not included on the receipt.

You can view the Rich Rewards point balance for a customer account in the Customers module, on the Rich Rewards tab. A reward amount in dollars is no longer displayed. Although, the reward amount that was previously shown in dollars is now show in points, the Rich Rewards feature and award structure have not changed. To convert a dollar amount to points, the dollar amount is multiplied by 100.


The following table shows examples of equivalent point and dollar values.

Reward in dollars (previously shown) Reward in points (now shown)
1.32 132
2.00 200
10.29 1029

Rich rewards points displayed in customers module

Point balances are printed on receipts by default. If you want to turn off this feature, follow these steps:

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. Click the Rewards tab.
  3. In the Rewards pane, make sure Rich Rewards is selected.Note: If Rich Rewards is not selected, contact Paladin Customer Support for help.
  1. In the Rich Rewards pane, click the Disable Rewards Balance on Receipts check box to select it.
  2. Click Save, and then click Close.

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