Build:  8787

Date:  18-Feb-15  Case 42868

Paladin POS Enterprise has always monitored data currency between each store’s server and backup server.  Should any latency greater than a few seconds be observed, Paladin Development is automatically notified to investigate the situation.  When these tools were designed, Paladin Data Corp didn’t imagine enterprise stores would elect to skip installation of backup servers.  Without backup servers installed, our automated health check systems had nothing to compare to.

This build introduces a new concept in replication health checks for single server enterprise stores.  These stores will now compare their single server to the database contained in the enterprise replication publisher (likely at a distant store or corporate office).  Early warning results will be the same as our prior system and are still entirely automatic.

While this family of new features will improve automated monitoring of your enterprise database, we must strongly suggest installing backup servers to keep your store running after a server failure.  For all stores equipped with backup servers, Paladin POS will automatically fail-over to the backup server in instances where the primary server is having difficulty.  Rarely is a store even aware of the switch.  This is the huge value in backup servers.

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