Build:  8044

Date:  20-Feb-14

Paladin POS Development is producing features and updates faster than ever before.  In an effort to improve our stores’ experience with these new features this build delivers the third update to our New Feature delivery notice system in the last few months.

Our first update in this area was to allow employees the ability to opt-in for emailed software change notices.  The level of employee participation in this program exceeded our expectations and has certainly helped provide continuing education to a broad group of Paladin POS users.

Remember from software release 7971 that master control of this feature is found under File – Setup – Employee under each employee.  If the Opt Out of Emails checkbox is unchecked and no email address or message is displayed, the employee will be given opportunity again to enter an email address for updates.

The second update in this family involved retiring the old system of emailed software change notifications published a few hours to a few days prior to a software release.  Certainly users have a need to know what is new and different, but many Paladin POS users struggled with our massive new feature reports.  Our solution was to send every user, regardless of update profile or schedule, a weekly email bulletin of the work performed in the last week.  The response to this new system was so positive we have expanded it even further.

Beginning with this build, users will see a new Paladin POS home screen immediately after launching Paladin POS.  The center of the screen now displays a list of all new features added to Paladin POS along with an introductory description, date completed and the build number the feature was completed under.  No new actions, keystrokes or clicks are required to perform normal activities.  This new message system is purely informational.


Software New Feature details are available back to Build 7971 and are organized in build number order.  Older development documents are being added as time allows.  All information displayed here is streamed real time from Paladin Development.  There is no information stream more up to date than what is now displayed on your local Paladin POS home screen.

Should one of the listed features interest you, simply click the Read More >> link at the bottom of the summary and a new tab will appear on screen labeled Details.  This new tab is automatically selected for you and the full narrative including screen shots (if any) are displayed.  When done studying these details, not a single keystroke or click is required to “close” a browser window.   Continue with your normal activity.  Should you desire to review other features, simply click the Features tab to display the original summary list.

Click on the Fixes tab to display only fixes and updates that have been made to Paladin POS since build 7972 on 20-Jan-14.  It is common for many more fixes and updates to be released than new features.  While this section seldom draws attention of most users, the details relating to minor clean up and fixes applied to Paladin POS are none the less important for users to know about.


The Refresh tab if clicked will cause Paladin POS to regenerate all displayed data.  If anything new has been published by Paladin POS Development since your screen contents were loaded, this command will retrieve and display the newest features and/or fixes.

One of the most powerful tools in the new document system is the Search function.  Rather than scrolling though hundreds of update notices looking for instructions on a new feature, ask Paladin POS Search for all documents specific to your area of interest.  In the example below we searched for the word preset in an attempt to learn something about the new Report Preset features released back in January 2014.


New Features and Fixes will both be displayed in search results.  With search content provided from both areas, following all activity within a specific feature easily achieved.

We genuinely believe this family of new features and technology will improve your experience with Paladin POS.  While we strive to seldom make operational or procedural changes to our system, occasionally this very thing is done.  It is our goal in making this non-confidential information available to ALL users of Paladin POS that the future will be a better informed and better prepared place.

Thank you for your continued support of Paladin POS.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact