Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Field testing of Paladin’s new point to point encryption (P2PE) credit card devices for general retail looks very promising, and with this update, our new pharmacy FSA/HSA system is available for field testing.  As most business owners know, a new PCI security standard became ‘the law of the land’ the first of January this year and it explicitly requires point to point encryption credit card devices.

While businesses are allowed an extension of the old rules until the end of 2014, we don’t think anyone should delay moving to the new standards.  Does the phrase “Target Credit Card Breach” sound familiar?  According to press reports, Target was not utilizing point-to-point-encryption credit card devices.  Hackers were able to scan computer memory as cards were being swiped and this resulted in loss of confidential card data.

The new P2PE devices never release in-the-clear card track data to anyone or anything.  The new encryption system would have likely prevented the Target breach.  Why not move yourself out of the cross hair of the thieves trying to steal your life’s work?

On the customer satisfaction side of the discussion, we believe we have crafted an elegant, easy to use system your customers will appreciate.  Many cashier required prompts have been moved to the customer facing card terminal further simplifying the checkout process.  The large color display of the new terminals adds to the usability of the new system.


You will experience other perks too after upgrading to the new devices.  Are you interested in paying less for your manual swipe / phone order / card on file transactions?  Our new system supports an extensive AVS address verification system that further reduces the chance of credit card fraud.  Every non-swiped use of a credit card allows entry of billing address data resulting in lower processing fees.  We’ve also included new reports detailing your store’s level of AVS compliance.  It is easy to see that employees are participating (or not) in this additional security step.

We’ve also been able to recover a feature lost to the original PCI standards that everyone will love to see again.  You will now see card type totals inside Paladin POS!  Once again you will see the exact number of transactions by each card type and the dollar amount submitted.  This new (old) feature will simplify bookkeeping for most of us.  Since all card data is encrypted in P2PE systems, the rules allow disclosure of this information to you.

All of these new features, AVS control, AVS reporting and Card Type reporting will automatically be enabled with use of the new encrypted devices.

If you have interest in further protecting your business and your customers contact Paladin Data Corp and request information on the upgrade path to the new Ingenico iSC350 P2PE credit card terminals.

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