Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

Our PO Receive function has been significantly enhanced with this release of Paladin POS. We now store (and report) more data. Every receiving event for a PO is now stored and reported to you. What does that mean? Let’s look at a PO that required three different receiving events to ultimately receive all ordered product. In addition to the original PO, we have detailed records for each of the three shipments to your store. When you generate the Received Items Report (on the Find PO screen or the Confirm Receive PO screen), you will see a unique line for each time an item was received. This will significantly simplify accounts payable reconciliation when the vendor’s invoice arrives.

PO freight costs have been upgraded too. At the completion of a PO Receive function, the freight costs window has a new feature. A new checkbox is present that is asking how you want the freight applied to this invoice. The default value (checked) will apply the freight to ONLY the items received during this receiving event. If you uncheck the box, the freight will be applied to every item ever received on this PO.

Another addition to the PO freight costs system is that PO Received Freight Cost has been added to the PO. If you were to ask for a Received Items Report, you will see a line added to the report (and the original PO) that shows the freight cost added during this receiving event. In the scenario above where we had three different receiving sessions, if freight were added during each receive, the report (and PO) would detail three freight lines. Remember that freight is added to your new inventory by the piece based on your choice of apportion by purchase cost or weight.

This new feature of adding a Freight line to the PO requires part number FREIGHT to be present in your inventory. If this part doesn’t exist, we create it for you. If we do have to create the part for you, we will use your department named FREIGHT. If that doesn’t exist, we’ll create it too. The new department’s ID will be the first available department number above 999.

Other work in PO Receive includes general cleanup work on the reprint PO function and Received Items Report.

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