Build:  8291

Date:  04-Jun-14

Managing individual item tags / price tags on inventory is a huge responsibility.  Paladin POS has made the item tag task a little easier with this build.  We have provided the ability to print / generate item tags from the purchase order receive function for some time now.  As a refresher, item tags can be printed / generated for all items of your purchase order that have the Item Tag Required box checked for that item in inventory.

Our new feature is an expansion of these previous capabilities.  By simply receiving your purchase order you may now receive not only the item tags for your order, but item tags for all the stock already on hand for items that have had a retail price change (as indicated by their tag “print later” checkbox in inventory).  Remember that PO Receive has the ability to establish new retail prices based on a stated reference margin and rounding scheme.  Also, some EDI data streams from suppliers contain new retail prices.  In all cases anytime a retail price is changed, the Print Later flag is set.

To make your life easier yet, we have broken the printing of these labels into two groups, the first group to match your PO and the second group to apply to your stock on hand.  In both the direct print and the generate item tag file methods, the two groups of labels will generate in a single output but will be separated with a label displaying the message of “SOH”.  Our meaning for this is to indicate all labels following the SOH label are for your existing stock on hand.  Do realize it is common for the second group to not have labels for every item on your PO.  A zero SOH condition or no price change having occurred or the Item Tag Required box not being checked will prevent any PO line from not generating SOH Item tags.

Timing, or when you generate your item tags will impact what is produced.  Both Print Item Tags and Generate Item Tag File are functional as soon as the PO is created.  If Item Tags are requested BEFORE a PO is received, you will receive Item Tags to match the exact quantity of your order and nothing for current SOH.  If you request Item Tags AFTER a PO is received, you will be presented the quantity of Item Tags to match your received quantity PLUS any Item Tags necessary for SOH.

To enable this new feature click File – Setup – Company and scroll down the screen to the Purchase Order group box.  Check the box beside “Force PO Item Tags to Include SOH”.  Click Save before exiting.

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