Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

For any store that has checked the box beside “Enable Pharmacy Consult” in setup, Paladin POS now supports a report dedicated to reporting only invoices that have a consult requirement. From the reports menu button choose Sales Analysis – What I Need To Know and then click Pharmacist’s Consultation Report in the Report List window.

As is common for other transaction reports, you may select a wide range of parameters to limit the output of the report to just the information you seek. The Additional Settings window allows you to choose between All Consult Events, Consult Accepted and Consult Declined. The report output is displayed to your screen in the basic format of the Customer Friendly transaction report. Added to the bottom of each transaction is information about the pharmacist that assisted the customer (if “Enable Pharmacist Signature” is selected in setup).

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