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Date: 02-Oct-13

A new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), v3.0 will take effect 01-Jan-14. The new standard continues to enhance security requirements associated with handling and processing credit cards in your business. While the new requirements become active the first of next year, stores have been granted until the end of 2014 to have made the necessary upgrades to support “PCI 3.0”.

Paladin Data Corp is pleased to announce not just completion of, but certification from Mercury of Paladin POS’s exclusive use of P2PE and Tokenization technologies to meet PCI 3.0 requirements. What this means to you is a more secure payment processing environment and a vastly simplified pathway through your SAQ assessment. Rather than dealing with the lengthy SAQ-D requirement, Paladin POS customers that utilize the new P2PE encrypting card swipes can now use the “friendlier” SAQ-C standard.

These new encrypting credit card devices are undergoing field testing at this time and will be made available to stores processing with Mercury this fall. If you have interest in keeping your store safe and legal… contact Paladin Customer Service and request your name be added to the early adopter list to receive the new credit card devices as they become available.

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